Many years ago, through
literature, I began my endless
exploration of human existence. I
lived a thousand lives, every one
different from the next. I witnessed
many centuries and assumed many
nationalities. And most of all,
through the eyes of fictional
characters, I watched myself and
others in the mirror of the printed
page. I gained perspective. I gained
experience. I gained knowledge.
And then I started to write.
Ewa Bronowicz


        F i c t i o n
  • "Luminita"
published in Empty Sink Publishing, a literary magazine

  • "One Percent"
published in Apalachee Review, a literary magazine

  • "Virus"
published in Bryant Literary Review, a literary magazine,reprinted in
The Post Eagle, a weekly newspaper

  • "Trial American-Style"
published in Red Rock Review, a literary magazine

  • "Mesalliance"
published in Red Rock Literary Review, a literary magazine

  • "About Prometheus and The Others"
published by Soundings, a literary magazine

   N o n - F i c t i o n
  • "Polish in America," a column, The Post Eagle (2012-2013)

  • "Polish Literature: (Gained, not Lost) in Translation," a column,
    The Post Eagle, (2006-2011)

  • "Call Katyn by its True Name," The Epoch Times

  • "In NYC's Special Education, Knowing a Subject Optional, The
    Epoch Times

  • "ESL Deficit Gets Bigger," The Epoch Times

  • "Executive Privilege," New York Sun

  • Various cultural reviews, The Post Eagle

MA in English Literature, City College, New York (anticipated
Fall 2015)
MA in Education, City College, New York;
BA in Liberal Arts, SUNY Purchase, NY.
TESOL certificate, Rennert Billingual, New York.

Language Skills
Bilingual in English and Polish
Intermediate French
Basic Russian and Latin
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